Mid-Year Conference CEFPI Virginia Chapter VEFP Virginia Chapter CEFPI Virginia Chapter CEFPI
Mid-Year Conference CEFPI Virginia Chapter VEFP Virginia Chapter CEFPI

About the Virginia Chapter of Association for Learning Environments

The Virginia Educational Facility Planners (VEFP) is the state chapter of the Association for Learning Environments, a professional association whose sole mission is improving the places where children learn. Association members — individuals, institutions and corporations — are actively involved in planning, designing, building, equipping and maintaining schools and colleges. Learn more about the Association on-line.

A Message from the President
Cathy Underwood

The Virginia Chapter of the Association for Learning Environments (VA4LE) is a professional organization committed to continually improving the places where students learn.  Specifically, our Mission is "to promote creative and responsible planning of school facilities, to foster professional development, and to exchange best practice knowledge of Virginia school facilities in order to provide the best possible learning environments for all students."   We are an advocate and resource for excellence in learning environments that help today's and future students thrive.  We serve those who use, plan, design, construct, maintain, equip and operate educational facilities.

Each year the VA4LE provides two thought-provoking events that help deliver value to attendees - a mid-year conference held at a Virginia K-12 school that exhibits innovative and relevant ways of teaching and learning, and an annual conference that introduces world-renowned speakers to discuss and collaborate theories and practices of leading educational concepts and the design of buildings that support those concepts.

We are assisted greatly  by the support of our sponsors.  We truly appreciate their support and value our relationships with them.  To the left of this message, many of our sponsors from this past year are identified by their scrolling logos.  They, as is true of all our members, are interested in the success of students.

So I invite you to become involved with VA4LE. See why nearly 4,000 of your peers and colleagues nationally and over 100 private firms and school districts in Virginia are part of the effort to positively impact the learning environments of K-12 students and help them succeed globally.