Virginia Educational Facility Planners

2004 VEFP Architectural Award Winners

New Construction K-5
Appomattox Elementary School
Appomattox County
VMDO Architects

Renovation/Addition K-5
Fairfield Elementary School
Rockbridge County
Spectrum Design

Fairfield Elementary School consists of an addition of 13 classrooms.  The additions were done in a concept of neighborhoods for K-1, 2-3 and 4-5 grades.  Each neighborhood has support areas including toilets, storage, individual instruction and workrooms.  The Administration area has been renovated for more efficiency while the library has been renovated and expanded.  A new computer lab adjoins the library.  The gymnasium was doubled in size (high school size court) and provides seating for 150 and storage area. Perhaps one of the more interesting aspects of the project is the use of geothermal for the mechanical systems.  This system utilizes the natural thermo-dynamics to produce the heating and cooling, thus reducing life cycle cost.  All roofs are sloped metal with the HVAC units in the protected attic area.  An extensive exterior classroom for environmental studies was included.

New Construction 6-12
Powhatan High School
Powhatan County
BCWH Architects

Envisioned by the Planning Committee is a future that includes integration of not only career and technical programs, but also unusual integration such as art education into the core curriculum. This new high school also has an excellent balance of cyberspaces and social learning spaces.  It responds to the evolving needs of the students and community by providing current advances in educational technology and addressing the changes in local business/economic trends. The “path of travel” between the classrooms and other building areas is set up as a “main street” with a spacious hall that hosts main academic and public community functions, an active showcase for learning and discovery, improving the visibility of ‘living learning’ by bringing it out into the open for the learning community to view, participate and share.

Renovation/Addition 6-12
Carter G. Woodson Middle School
Moseley Architects

Carter G. Woodson has served Hopewell students as a high school, an elementary school and now as a middle school since the 1950's. Its effectiveness as a middle school is enhanced by converting the 1950's campus style middle school into a "connected" plan, by "infilling" between the existing campus buildings, thus enclosing the entire facility under one roof.  To create a single structure plan, and achieve the goal of removing all mobile classrooms, this project included renovating 12,424 SF and adding 41,000 SF. The new addition, which includes the administration and guidance area, media center, enlarged dining room, art room, a chorus room, three science labs, and several new classrooms and resource rooms, connected the five existing structures on the "campus" and create two interior courtyards. The new Central Administration area created a dramatic front entrance to the facility.




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