Virginia Educational Facility Planners

Why Space Matters for Learning

The Virginia Chapter of the Association for Learning Environments is now accepting proposals for seminars/sessions for our 2018 VA4LE Annual Conference. The conference theme is “Why Space Matters for Learning”. By way of reminder, the intended audience includes educators, planners, designers and builders from Virginia whose collective mission is to improve the environments where children learn. Conference attendees will self-select into concurrent sessions. Presenters will have sixty (60) minutes to interact with attendees and present information on a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to:

  • the relationship between facilities and learning
  • outdoor spaces and how they can influence, support, or supplement pedagogy are teachers using 21st century spaces as designed
  • trends in education, planning, design and/or construction
  • how are we doing with the 21st century learning environments now that we are 17 years into the new century
  • the role of the media center in student activities and pedagogy

The conference is organized to present a balance between practical information and forward-thinking concepts. VA4LE is most interested in seminars with an emphasis on experience gained from actual projects using tried tools, technologies and practices that architects, planners, school facility managers and superintendents can take home and superintendents can take home and use or adapt.

Though not mandatory, presenters are encouraged to collaborate with peers in other fields in order to bring a broad perspective to the subject. In an effort to provide our participants with the most useful training and information, we will not consider proposals with a commercial or product-oriented focus.

Sessions will be sixty (60) minutes in length, with a balance of time for presentation and group discussion. AV equipment will be available, if requested. All speakers must register and pay the regular conference fee. All speakers that would like to provide an electronic copy of their presentation must do so by April 1, 2018 and are welcome to forward to the contacts below. All presentations will be converted to PDF files and posted to the VA4LE website. All presentations will be converted to PDF files and posted to the VA4LE website. All proposals for consideration must be submitted on or before March 1, 2018.

Call for Speakers is closed


Please contact Stephen Halsey, VA4LE Board Member at or Cathy Underwood, VA4LE Chapter President at