Virginia Educational Facility Planners


What to Look for in Today's Classroom

The focus of the classroom has, for the better, shifted from a focus on the teacher to a focus on the learner. In this talk, I will share several elements of what we should be looking for in today’s classroom, knowing that focusing on only a few at a time, can start the move towards a transformational learning environment.


Changing School

For far too long and in far too many places, learners have been asked to adapt their preferences, actions, and thinking to a pre-planned educational experience. Now, thanks to new understanding of the brain and how it works, we know that school can, and should, be differentiated to suit an astounding range of learning styles, intelligences, and strength sets. This session will focus on that acumen and, especially, how it impacts those who are bold enough to re-imagine today’s – and tomorrow’s – classrooms.

Wade Whitehead is a fourth generation Virginia public school teacher and a product of Virginia’s public schools. He currently teaches fifth graders at Crystal Spring School in Roanoke City. A National Board Certified Teacher, he has received dozens of recognitions, including the Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award, the McGlothlin Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence, and the Virginia Lottery Super Teacher and Excellence in Education Awards. In 2016, he was the only practicing public school teacher in America to be inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame. Wade also serves as Founder and President of the Teachers of Promise Foundation and as Executive Director of the Teachers of Promise Institute, which identifies and recognizes the best prospective teachers from across Virginia. To date, the Institute, which has been identified as one of the country’s most innovative and grass roots teacher quality initiatives, has honored more than 2,600 future teachers from more than three dozen colleges and universities. Wade has consulted with a number of educational companies and organizations, including FableVision, PBS, Apple, LeapFrog, and Flocabulary. See: or @wadewhitehead.


The Epic Classroom

Is there any point in learning something if you’re just going to forget it?

And this begs a bigger question: if learning is not memorable, should it even be considered learning?

Trevor shares how educators can shape their classrooms using the power of storytelling and brain science to achieve real student engagement, and in return, learning that is permanent and memorable. Any teacher, in any subject area, and in any grade level can use these practical and proven practices to transform their classrooms into settings where students are engaged, challenged, and transformed.