Virginia Educational Facility Planners
LEadership In Education Award

In 2011 the Board of Directors of A4LE – Virginia Chapter was inspired to create The Leadership in Education Award.  The inspiration for this award is based upon the belief that individuals who possess leadership and determination can transform student academic performance. 

The award for providing Leadership in Education is intended not only to elevate educational facility planning, design and construction, but to recognize leaders who are instrumental in laying the foundation and fostering a complete educational and facilities program that results in offering all students the education they need to compete in our global economy, raise the expectations of student achievement, and take the necessary steps to provide our students with the highest level of educational excellence. 

The awardee of the first Leadership in Education Award has demonstrated the necessary requirements to receive this award by improving educational curricula, programs, and broad management reforms that have inspired innovative facility designs.  These designs, new facilities and consolidations have laid the foundation for long term facility improvements that have directly improved student performance.