Virginia Educational Facility Planners

The Association for Learning Environments’ SchoolsNEXT Design Competition challenges teams of middle school students across the globe to address a pressing need, problem, or challenge by formulating an educational response and designing an appropriate learning environment – classroom, laboratory or studio, school building or campus – in support of their idea. Students engage with each other and with architects, serving as mentors, in a planning process to develop multidisciplinary solutions that, at a minimum, are practical and applicable but at their best can be aspirational and transformative.

Teams from Virginia will compete against other schools from Virginia in a juried process scheduled March 1 and 2. The Virginia winner moves on to the regional competition in Greenville, SC in April and the regional winner competes in the international competition in Atlanta, GA in October. The team will be represented at these venues by four presenters and a teacher, but all who participate in the planning and execution of the ideas and deliverables will share equally in any recognition the team receives.

Deliverables include an essay describing the challenge and the ways in which it can be addressed through the learning environment planned and designed by the team; a physical model representing the learning environment; a video chronicling the process; a presentation documenting the challenge, process, and result; and various supplemental materials including, but not limited to, digital models, floor plans, and renderings; hand-drawn concept sketches, renderings, and artists’ interpretations; an photography.


September 2016 Elaine Fogliani will contact the 2015-16 participants to garner interest in participation for 2016-17.

Elaine Fogliani will contact several superintendents who are interested in project-based learning to find out if they may want to have a school participate.

Each Board member will recruit a school in their division or a school that is in a client’s district. The name of the school and contact information will be submitted by October 31, 2016 to Vijay Ramnarain and Elaine Fogliani.

SchoolsNEXT registration.

Mentor registration.

October 2017 – March 2016 SchoolsNEXT curriculum implemented.
March 2017 Student design competition projects, narratives, videos, PowerPoints completed for submittal.
March 1-2, 2017 Juried presentations by participating schools.

Virginia winner is announced.

Regional Juries April 2017: Regional Electronic Submissions due
April 2017: Regional Finalist Teams announced
April 2017: Regional Jury conducts interviews of Finalist Teams
May 2017: Regional Winner is announced

Southeast Region Conference
April 17-20, 201

May 1, 2017 Virginia Finalists Present at Virginia Annual Conference in Williamsburg, VA.
June 2017 International Jury.
October 2017 SchoolsNEXT Winners.

International Conference Presentation.